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Thread: Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery

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    Default Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery

    Jessica Lange on 1/15/08

    I don’t want to knock a woman for getting work done. I’m 35, and in about fifteen years I will be getting a face lift despite my husband’s objections. I will age semi-naturally and not get a lot of injections and touch up work, but I’m planning on surgery. It already bothers me that I have lines around my eyes and my face is looking sort of old. My mother had a face lift after her best friend did it, and her best friend is in her 70s and looks like she’s 50 without any feline characteristics. To me it is a personal decision and it’s not a personal failing if you decide to get surgery and/or botox or restylane. You shouldn’t go overboard with it and it’s a fine line between having an operation or two and looking like you’re wearing a kabuki mask.
    When you’re famous and it’s obvious, though, you should either admit to it, maybe in a roundabout way or in general terms like saying you’re not ruling it out, or you should not address it. If someone asks you, you can say you don’t want to comment. Don’t deny that you’ve had plastic surgery when we can all see the evidence.
    Jessica Lange’s rep has denied that the 58 year-old actress has had plastic surgery. All I could think of when I saw her face up close in Big Fish was that she looked really pulled and strange. She’s a great actress, but she’s not doing herself any favors with this fib:
    Jessica Lange in “Tootsie,” 1994

    The National Enquirer recently speculated, with photos and commentary from a Michigan plastic surgeon, that Jessica Lange has undergone plastic surgery that didn’t necessarily result in a change for the better.
    “It’s absolutely not true,” Lange’s PR rep Carrie Gordon told me from NYC on Tuesday. “And Jessica will not comment on it because it’s not true.”
    In our first conversation, before Gordon presumably contacted Lange to say I was seeking a comment, Carrie asked how I could write this after admitting that I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s work. Because I’m not blind?
    The Enquirer asked Detroit-area plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn to analyze before and after photos of Lange and her “Bonneville” co-star Joan Allen, who has suspiciously smooth skin.
    Youn gave the Enquirer precise observations about Lange’s “overly arched brows,” and unnatural Catwoman-like appearance.
    But haven’t Lange’s eyes always had a cat-like quality?
    “To an extent she has,” said Youn when I interviewed him. “Are her eyes a little more tilted than the average person’s? Yes. But not to the extent that we see now in her.”
    [From The Star Tribune via Huffington Post]

    The article goes on to talk about how hard it is to cast these very plastic-looking women in films because they can’t play average older women. They could play more affluent older women who have had plastic surgery I guess.
    They quote a radio personality as saying that if you have plastic surgery at “39, you never have to get it again. You’ve matured into your face and your bone structure and skin are good.” It also matters whether you got to a good surgeon who works on giving you natural results of course. Is that true? Not that I’m asking for personal reasons or anything.
    Compared to Priscilla Presley and Kathie Lee Gifford, she’s looking pretty good. Looking through older photos of Lange, I would vote for bad plastic surgeon over too many face lifts.

    Written by Celebitchy
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    Poor Jessica Lange...
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    Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery, saying "She looks that odd naturally."
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    Sure she hasn't had any PS, she can't even blink!
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    Jessica Lange’s rep denies that she’s had plastic surgery

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    How the hell can they actually deny this? Hello?

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    liars you could practically see the staples and fishing line pulling the face back in The Big Fish
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    that first pic, she kinda looks like Janice Dickinson, and we all know how THAT went
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    She doesn't look younger, she just looks like she's had too much ps. She was such a beautiful woman, and would have looked far more beautiful than she does now, if she had just gotten a few touchups, or aged naturally.
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    she was hot in the postman always rings twice

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