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Thread: Tyra Banks in drag

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    Default Tyra Banks in drag

    Tyra Turns into a Man

    Posted Nov 2nd 2006 2:03PM by TMZ Staff
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    Supermodel good looks do not a hot drag queen make, at least not this time. That's the lesson learned by Tyra Banks' transformation into a member of Chingy's posse.

    The talk show hostess goes undercover in Nov. 13th's episode as "Uncle Don," to find out how men act when women aren't around. We can describe her look as reminiscent of an ugly cousin of Kanye West. Her ploy was convincing enough to fool fellow model Tyrese on the set of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

    The episode's even got some girl on faux-girl action, with a female fan of Chingy giving Tyra a big ol' kiss. Ka-chingy!


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    Wow, she looks a convincing he!

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    She looks like Jermaine Dupris!

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