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    Monday, May 21st 2012 Would You Hit It?

    You're probably thinking, "But what is IT?!" Please, like your slut ass is ever choosy. No, this isn't a still from the remake of G.I. Jane starring Madonna. This is DUI-getting, titty-boxing, "We have to go back to the island"-shouting Matthew Fox from Lost. Yeah, this Matthew Fox:

    Matthew Fox put muscles on his muscles to play a cage-fighting crazed murderer in Alex Cross. If you dipped Matthew Fox in Tang smegma, he could also play Hulk Hogan's peen in a movie. If you stuffed Matthew's chest with two rubber medicine balls, A-Rod would totally chew that ass up. I swear, if one of Madge's roided-up arms yanked itself off her body and ran off to become an MMA fighter, it would look like Matthew Fox. I bet sucking on Matthew's shredded peen would be like trying to chew on a piece of gristle without your teeth on.
    And to answer my question, no, I wouldn't hit it. Well, the bitch hits back and in the titty area, nonetheless.

    via /Film

    Posted by: Michael K
    that's just gross.
    "This is not meant to be at all offensive: You suffer from diarrhea of the mouth but constipation of the brain." - McJag

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    Yeah he looks like shit. But then again, he plays a "cage fighting crazed murdere" and is - for what I understand - the villain of this movie. Fits for the role I guess.

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