Loretta Young was an Academy winning actress. She was married 3 times and had affairs with Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable. Her relationship with Clark Gable produced a daughter, Judy, which was one of Hollywood's widely known secrets. She publicly went on record and said Judy was her adopted daughter, when in fact Judy she was the love child of Gable and Young. A devout Catholic, Loretta never admitted the truth as Clark Gable was married at the time to another woman. There was also a long-standing feud between Loretta and actress, Marlene Dietrich who couldn't stand her. Marlene famously said of Loretta Young: "Every time she 'sins,' she builds a church. That's why there are so many Catholic churches in Hollywood." Loretta was the godmother to actress, Marlo Thomas and her her half-sister, Georgina was married actor Ricardo Montalban. She was also, very good friends with actress, Jane Wyman who was Ronald Reagan's first wfe. Loretta died at 87 from ovarian cancer in the Montalban home in Santa Monica, California with her sister at her side.