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    Veronica Lake was described by Bette Davis as "the most beautiful person who ever came to Hollywood," her success was fleeting and after a string of broken marriages and long struggles with mental illness and alcoholism she died almost destitute. She measured 4'11" tall, married 4 times and had 4 children. Jessica Rabbit from the movie, 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' was designed after Veronica Lake. Jessica even sports the Veronica Lake trademark "Peek-a-Boo" hairstyle. Lake was 53 when she died of hepatitis and acute renal failure (complications of her alcoholism) near Burlington, Vermont. Her ashes were scattered off the Virgin Islands.

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    you already know.

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    ooooh lovely; what a beautiful shrimp

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    She was stunning and that 'sheepdog' or 'badgirl' hairstyle with the long blonde hairing falling past the shoulders with some curling locks falling seductively across one eye was perfect for her. However .. during the war many women in factories were copying her and then getting their hair caught in machinery. One of the reasons she had to give it up. One more shitty thing about war! She stood out for a time as bringing up the luxury of 20's and 30's Hollywood and defying wartime austerity.
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    Thanks for posting her photos. She was absolutely beautiful. Never realized that she was so short.

    My grandmother had a photo of her flying a plane. She was also a small plane pilot.
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