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Thread: Peter Facinelli [Actor]

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    This man is sex on legs!!!

    I especially love him as Dr. Cullen in Twilight...jesus that man is orgasmic to look at on the big screen!

    My best friend and I nearly choked on our popcorn when he came on!

    I totally dig him as a blonde...I'd love for him to adopt me into the Cullen family!

    The brain doesn't need blood. It just needs to be kept wet.

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    I watched an interview with him on the Bonnie Hunt show before. He seems really down-to-earth and friendly, with a lovely sense of humour. Think I'm falling in love

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    He was handsome as Carlisle, but everytime he came onscreen, I just kept picturing Mike Dexter. "Aman-DUUUHHH!"

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