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Thread: Paul Newman [Actor]

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    I'd like to age like sea glass.


    Nice to look at on a cold rainy day in California. I miss you Paul.
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    He'd be 94 if he was still around.
    Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive Quickly. Kiss Slowly. Love Truly.
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    His daughter Clea is a dead ringer for him.

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    Thank you for the Paul Newman updates. Great human being. (In these days I always fear for celebs I admire that bad stuff will come out, rape, violence, animal abuse...)

    Can anyone recommend good films he starred in for a newbie like me?
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    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    the sin bin


    He seriously had a truly beautiful and unique face, and was gorgeous his entire life, apparently inwardly and outwardly. What a man.
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    My mom had the biggest crush on him. She swore she only married my dad because he reminded her of Paul Newman! 😊
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    ^^ An excellent reason!

    If anyone remembers that I was a cater waiter for the Newmans - here's a little thing...

    Paul wore a bottle cap opener on a chain (for his many Budweiser beers). I just read that was in Cool Hand Luke. In later films I did remember seeing him wear a sterling silver beer pull top on a silver chain in one or two movies. Hey, he was shirtless so you look.

    After one of the parties when we (the staff) were on our way out he was wearing his baby blue pajamas a said goodnight to us. He was very tipsy and thanked us - and he was very chatty due to the drink. I'm looking at him and I see the beer pull top peeking out the top undone button. There it was. (bottom pic)

    There was a man that adored his wife. Smitten, besotted, taken with her. all those words. It seemed obvious to me.

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