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Thread: Richard Chamberlain [actor]

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    Default Richard Chamberlain [actor]

    Okay, I was too young when he became an idol in the sixties as Dr. Kildare. I didn't notice him until I saw him in The Three Musketeers in the mid seventies, when I was a pre-teen. He was pretty, and as young as I was, I knew I liked pretty Later when I saw pix of him as Dr. Kildare I wondered how the hell they thought he was so handsome then. He had this blank, non-descript face in that series.
    I'm not even sure he is all that handsome. To me he is most attractive in period pieces: his posture and face are made for costume movies. So my all-time favorite (and thus most attractive) Chamberlain parts are in the Musketeer movies, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Slipper and the Rose, Shogun, The Thorn Birds. One exception, not for his physical attractiveness but for his fantastic acting, is in the TV miniseries The Bourne Identity with Jaclyn Smith. I still prefer that to the movies with what's his name.
    Although rumors about him being gay were going around since his Dr. Kildare days, Chamberlain did not come out until he was 69 and no longer in the running for romantic lead parts.

    Vital Stats and trivia:
    Born: March 31, 1934
    Height: 6'0"
    Hair: (light) brown/sandy blond, now grey, what's left of it.
    Eyes: Blue
    Trivia: "King of the miniseries", lost his virginity while serving in the army in Korea to a Japanese girl "It was great, she was great and I really enjoyed it. But somehow it didn't feel right. ...It was under extraordinary circumstances. I was drunk and very young. And she was lovely. And it just sort of happened. But it's not -- but the idea of being married, etcetera and having kids, never appealed to me at all. Not at all."

    ^Loved him in Richard Lester's The Three (and later Four) Musketeers; zany and funny. He played Aramis.

    ^With is co-Musketeers: Oliver Reed, Michael York and Frank Finlay.

    ^The perfect prince in the Cinderella adaptation "The Slipper and the Rose".

    ^The perfect, vain, King Louis in "The Man in the Iron Mask"

    ^The perfect sea captain turned honorary samurai in "Shogun"

    ^the perfect imperfect priest in "The Thorn Birds".
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    I loved him. Had a serious crush for years.

    Then I transferred to the Studio from the parent company, very wide-eyed and ludicrously naive, and the guys from corporate, on a visit, asked me who I wanted to meet. I mentioned Richard Chamberlain, and they rather gently informed me he was gay. I was aghast, and incensed. (And naive. Did I mention naive?)

    "He is not!" I replied indignantly.

    "He's the prince of them all." they insisted, again rather gently. (They were really great guys.)

    A few months later, I was a bit more aware, and recognized they were right. Still wanted to meet him, of course. Unfortunately, I never did, but I understand from people who knew him that he was a gentleman in the finest sense of the word.
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    He sure was pretty back in the day.

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    I agree he was a living doll. I really did love him.

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