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Thread: Max Hodges [Surfer / TMZ Reporter]

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    Default Max Hodges [Surfer / TMZ Reporter]

    Max is listed on wiki as a 'Clearance Producer' on TMZ, he's the tall, blonde, long-haired surfer dude on the show. i don't like what those pesty paps do, esp the ones with video cams, but this guy......sigh.......flippin channels i saw him and was memorized. Of course I had to join his facebook fan page and share him with everyone here.

    Max is 29, single, grew up in Santa Cruz, but currently lives in Manhattan Beach. He's worked for Harvey Levin for years. He doesn't watch tv, except FUEL & Dog the Bounty Hunter 'cause he's too busy surfing, seriously. His most famous asset is his hair, which he washes once a week, but conditions the hell out of. Max & his friend Eddie Daroza do 'The Rad Report' together, though i think Max keeps pretty busy now doing TMZ full time.

    When i look at him i think of Uncas from 'Last of the Mohicans' i'll bet he has some native american indian in his genealogy.


    Summer TV's Sexiest Stars: 10 Sexy Stars Who Heat Up Summer TV, Including Max Hodges | Fancast News

    TMZ on TV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    He is pretty easy on the eyes. I'm pretty sure he's getting laid a LOT in the LA scene. Lucky bastard.

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    On Harvey Levin's message board at, they said he was flirting with a blond guy on TMZ. Is it Max???

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    he is so hot.

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    I always thought he was a cutie.

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