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Thread: Would you like a natural pool?

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    I always wanted a pool like Shannon Elizabeth (shudder) has because it's oxygenated with no chlorine so her dogs can swim and drink the water if they want. I'm sure it's a hell of a time cleaning and paying for that upkeep though...
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    yes please.

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    i love coming back to look at the picture of this pool. i just want to be laying out by it right now, instead of being at work.
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    I love lake and river swimming, but I don't think I would like that pool for the simple reason that lakes and rivers have ecosystems and tides to keep all the ick moving. A natural pool would just sit there and get scuzzy and attract bugs and stuff. The one thing I won't swim in is stagnant ponds - that seems to be what that is (although I'm sure there's a cleaning protocol).
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