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How do you dry yourself after an ordinary shower? Same answer.
Jeezus H - this isn't rocket science ladies. You wash your hoohah with soap and water in a bidet and try yourself afterwards with a towel.
Aha! The logisitics of the bidet perplexed me for months while I lived in Europe, and you're the first one who's ever mentioned soap!!! That's the thing that's not clear though. Do most people use soap also? Because I've never seen soap available anywhere near the thing, just towels. And I'm sorry, but if no soap is involved and it's just water after taking a crap, that's just even more unhygienic because of the towel. I've only ever seen one or two towels hanging by the bidet, so I assume it's reusable for a day or until it's washed? How do families do this, use the same towel? At any rate, you've got a towel with human waste bacteria on it lying around. Gross.

If I'm gonna half-ass it (pun intended) like that, I might as well just use those disposable moist towelettes. I just don't feel it's a good cleanup job if it's not done in the shower with lots and lots of soap and water.