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Thread: The Vacuum Thread!

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    I think I need that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    BUMP because I just bought myself a Dyson V6 handstick at 30% off and after doing only one room I've going to change my FB status to "in a relationship". Yep, I've found true love.

    My old Volta kicked arse as far as picking up dust, but it was so heavy and cumbersome and was always scraping paint off my skirting boards when I'd pull it too hard. The Dyson is so light, it's like pushing around a loud broom. It didn't take long to get used to how mobile the head is and the only cons so far are the short battery time and the way the air blows in my face if I don't hold it at a certain angle.

    I think I'm going to sling it over my shoulder like a sword and just vacuum whenever I want while I randomly walk around the house, like some kind of cleaning superhero. The Dust Slayer.
    Are you still loving this? I am considering getting one with a fluffy head.
    I have long hair and a cat. Do you have to clean hair off the floor attachments much? I bought a little cordless sweeper which I hate. I have to take it apart and clean the brushes after every use.

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