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Thread: TV Floorplans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    The Golden Girls one is surprising. I thought all the bedrooms were down the hallway and the only thing on the left side of the house was the entrance to the lanai, but this has a bedroom over on that side. I think it's supposed to be Rose's, but her bedroom is not set up that way. It does make sense size-wise, though, because it never made sense that they could have all those huge bedrooms off that side of the house and it no encroach on the kitchen or lanai.
    I placed Blanche's bedroom to te left of the living room (as appears in the pìlot episode), the lanai ix a mixture of many versions appeared trough the serees and I made some changes in Rose's bedroom to fit the rest of the rooms.
    The situation of the bedrooms in the show is a nonsense.
    In the pilot the bedoom of Blanche is placed to the left of the living room (as in my floorplanb) and to the right is placed the hallway.
    This hallway contains 4 doors:
    - Common Bathroom in the door to the left
    - Sophia´s bedroom in the first door to the right
    - Dorothy's bedroom in the second door to the right
    - Rose's bedroom in the door at the bottom of the hallway.
    But in the rest of the episodes the bedroom of Blanche is placed in the hallway with the others bedrooms.
    But the hallway stll have only 4 doors !!!
    The result of this mistake is the continuous switch of the bedrooms through the show...
    The entire planification of the sets is a nonsense...
    In the exterior views of the house (both the first real house and the second fake façade built in the backlots of Disney) the garage is placed in the front of the house but the girls uusally enters in the kitchen from the bottom of the kitchen. An easy option for the play but contradictory with the images.
    Another example: Sophia's bedroom has usually a big window in front of the door but in the double episode of Sophia's marriage a new bathroom appears where the window was placed.
    Don't try to find logic...
    It was only a comedy and this house was not real...

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    Your drawings are great.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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