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Thread: A Sydney apartment

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    I friggin hate those wooden chairs with a passion, reminds me of a cheap daycare. I don't get why that style is so in these days, its ugly as all hell. A lot about this house screams cheap and tacky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    why? i can recognise at least 3 pieces that came from ikea. including the white locker type thing, the shelf the tv is on, etc.

    i don't think it's ugly. just boring.
    they have a few nice pieces though - the eames LCW chair, the little chrome and glass sidetable next to the shelf with the tv on it, etc. but the artwork all kind of sucks.
    THANK YOU! There are quite a few Eames pieces in there that work with the layout.

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    pick a fucking theme. if you want to jumble styles a little, pick A FEW PIECES. Not 50. Maybe 5 for the whole place.

    Simply throwing tons of mismatched crap into a space means you have a place fiilled with mismatched CRAP
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