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Thread: Stripped bare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
    ^^True. The space is so beautiful, a lot can be done with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    the space is absolutely gorgeous, but come on.. fill it up with a few more areas than that. It's just dead space you have to walk through.
    Quote Originally Posted by mizglam View Post
    What a waste. They could do so much with that space.
    Yes! Gawd what a space! and they did virtually(well..literally I guess) NOTHING with it! Ugh! They should be forced out of that space if they cannot use it properly.
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    what kind of people could live in this?

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    Don't dining tables traditionally have chairs too? It's a great space but they are trying way too hard to be trendy and minimal.
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    This apartment is great for kite flying. Skateboarding. Shuffleboard. Curling. Three legged races.

    A vast emptiness of smooth flooring. Kind of reminds me of Tom Hanks apartment in the movie "Big".

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    They don't deserve to have all that space if they don't know how ro use it properly. They should give it to me.
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    i love the space. I would have the urge to run stocking footed and slide like crazy all over that place. I agree that it just needs...more. It looks way out of proportion with that large space and nearly nothing to fill it.

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