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Thread: The room or space that says YOU

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    Since you asked

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    Winner winner, chicken dinner. congrats Flygirl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    Going to this villa in June because of this photo (and a lot of other research to show it was a good idea!). This is my idea of relaxing. We're 8 feet from the water on a small island. Heaven.

    More than half of my life is spent in our kitchen so I'll pick this one. We toured this house. I wouldn't have picked this kitchen out based on photos but, in person, it is magnificent! Behind that door is another room the same size as the kitchen. On one half, they have an enormous walk in pantry. It's separated from the other half by a small office. On the opposite side is a mud room and laundry. Oh, how I dream of a mud room! They could take their ulgy curtains though.

    I think I'm in a complete swoon. Only fix for the kitchen that would put if the uppers went to the ceiling. Totally impractical with ceilings that high.
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    Been looking for a deep bathtub next to a large open window in a slate and glass bathroom with small crystal chandelier. A killer view of nature and the ocean
    Neck pillow, glass of wine (bottle nearby), homemade nutella truffles, flat screen on the wall with a movie playing (or porn) and my cell ( haven't had an accident 'drop in water' yet!).

    Have not found a pic I like.
    But you get the idea

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    OR the jellyfish tank IN the wall by the bath!
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