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Thread: Reviving a Victorian home

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    It is not perfect, and yeah, that must be one very uptight kid to have a kids room like that(but I like the little green dinsosaur on the floor) but overall I really like it. Yeah it may be a touch stuffy and need a dash of color but I really like it and would be VERY happy to live there. Especially in San Francisco.

    It also must cost a fortune!
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    the mouldings and floors are great, not wild about the furniture or tchotchkes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    Even the ducks in the little boy's bedroom?
    Okay, the duck room is a little ridiculous but I give it a pass because I like the pillows and the dinosaur.
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    love every little bit - except the duck room.... I love a house with books everywhere...
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