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Thread: New York apartment: Worldly viewpoint

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    I absolutely LOVE it.

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    i don't care for the apartment itself but they have some very quirky furniture pieces. that six legged wooden table and the desk lamp with the streamlined design on top of it are calling out my name.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhoAmI View Post
    I HATE recessed or track lighting.
    so do i.

    Quote Originally Posted by sharky View Post
    And the picture of the old lady would bug me, even if she was a relative.
    i like that pic.

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    ^^ Can you imagine if you woke up one day and the picture was there, but the old lady was missing from it?

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    all of the elle decor houses that get posted here look the same to me. and, i don't like any of them.
    white, black, puerto rican/everybody just a freakin'/good times were rollin'.

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    This is what happens when an artist explodes.

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