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Thread: Need help finding a particular sized sectional couch. Chalet? Anyone?

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    haha, no worries. i did get excited for a minute until i looked at their website.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    What everyone said. No harm in getting a custom price too. Try Ethan Allen, go to sectionals. They sell sectional pieces individually - like a two-seater, a single, etc. There are no delivery charges with Ethan Allen.

    Design has a language that is not regional or cultural, so let me be annoying but helpful to's sofa - not couch, it's cocktail table - not coffee table, it's curtains - not draperies or drapes.

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    i say sofa but i've recently started saying couch because i feel that's more the norm here?
    and i always say curtains. my pet peeve is 'window treatments'. it's not a treatment, you're not smearing ointment on your fucking windows, you're just hanging fucking curtains or blinds!
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