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Thread: Mission style home

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    i like the outside, actually i think I agree with everyone else!

    The pool is nice but I don't like lap pools - never did like doing laps I just like to float around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    ditch the furniture

    ditch the "mountain cabin" decor

    ditch the kitsch

    might be livable.
    that's pretty much my take on it.

    as it is, that living room is one of the fugliest things i've ever seen, except maybe for nicolas cage's house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nancydrew View Post
    Is that an antler chandelier? Jesus Christ.
    Yes..that is what the atrocity appears to be. That, and alot of the rest of the furniture would have to go...but I like the 'structure' inside and out. And why not incorporate some southwestern colors(maybe some of the native American colors) and add ANY color to the place?

    I guess they did in the dining room..but then that chandelier!!!!
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    nothing here i like.
    i hate the ceiling, it looks like it's floating.

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    The light colors are nice, it makes the house look light and airy.
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