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Thread: Mini Modern: New 495-square-foot L.A. house

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelais View Post
    Works perfect for this single dude with a dog - and mustard yellow shorts.
    Not JUST mustard yellow-LAYERED mustard yellow. Stylin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hustle4alivin View Post
    It's too small and it's in Los Angeles. No thanks.
    I guess the L.A. part is a deal breaker for some. So long as it's not on the San Andreas fault line
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    homeless? it's just a dude in a white t-shirt and shorts. he looks clean-shaven and showered. informal outfit, sure, but since when does informal = homeless?
    I guess I'm just prone to hyperbole. Just sayin' the dude could've dressed a little better for his feature photo shoot.

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    It's too modern in its design for me, but the size would be OK.

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