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Thread: Midcentury neutrals in Camden, England

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    ^Also, with (off) white walls, it's easier to change the mood and the
    style of a room through colored accessories. We have all rooms with
    (off) white walls, but completely different vibes to them because of
    the various colors in the beddings and drapes, art etc.
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    Oh I like neutral walls too - but in this particular property there isn't any added colour either. I have chalky white walls and wooden floors throughout my house but I've got rugs, pictures, soft furnishings to add some warmth and focus. It doesn't have to be a riot of colour at all but I like SOME colour.

    I was talking to an interior designer friend and she says her single biggest challenge sometimes is persuading nervous clients to stick even a toe out of their comfort zone and think about using colours in strategic places. She's an award winning kitchen designer but says she's always asked to do plain white or timber-finish cupboards, beige or white benchtops, white tile splashbacks and if she suggests something a bit more contemporary or unusual, people often baulk at the idea. Of course it's their choice (they have to live with it!) but she does find it frustrating that potentially stunning kitchens end up looking like the same old same old.
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    i also tend to gravitate more towards cool colours than warm ones.
    i know a lot of people like reds and warm browns and golds and stuff but i'm more into soft blues, greens, greys, celadon, teal, etc.
    i think it's true some people are afraid to be daring but in some cases i think some people just don't like a lot of colour. i can appreciate it, even enjoy it, in other people's houses. but i'm more mid-century design and black and white and graphics and just a bit of colour here and there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i don't think people are 'scared' of colour. just that not everyone *likes* lots of colour in their homes. i tend to prefer neutrals with little touches of colour here or there. the same for my clothing. i wear lots of black and grey and then accessorise with colour or make it more interesting with something in a patterned fabric or something.
    i like white walls and wood floors, with a rug here or there. at most i'll paint one wall in a room in a colour but it has to be something i won't get bored of or that won't go with other things i have.
    when it comes to colour, i think less is more. maybe it's boring to some but it's definitely not because i'm scared to add colours.
    Love those floors.

    I'm the same with home and clothing except white walls depress me. I work with color and pattern all day long and need something quieter. I did give myself a private treat in my bathroom which doesn't look anything like the rest of the place. Big splashy Ralph Lauren floral bouquet wallcovering, and pink towels. The rest is taupe, brown, cocoa, silvery blue and cream.

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    The kitchen sucks.

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    [quote=sputnik;1521353]i don't think people are 'scared' of colour. just that not everyone *likes* lots of colour in their homes. quote]

    True, I like these white painted houses, but lots of people find them really dull

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