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Thread: Mediterranean home in Belmont Heights

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    Carmella Soprano would love it.
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    I hate the tiles in front of the fireplace. Not crazy about the black tub tiles either. But it's nice and big. Reminds me a little of the Dexter Morgan house in Season 4. That house was in Long Beach too.

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    Way too McMansion for me
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    The house itself has potential. But you'd have to shitcan all the furniture and decor and start from scratch.
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    i think this needs to be psted in the tacky decor thread.
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    Well the house itself is on sale for 1.5 million, and if you are buying a house, the decor is not going to mean anything-the house, the neighborhood, locations, schools, etc. are going to mean alot.

    The house itself is very nice I think and has a nice structure, and anyone who could plunk down 1.5 million could redo the walls, floor coverings, tiles, etc. with not too much of a problem. The good thing is that the furniture does NOT come with the house.
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