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Thread: London Home Boasts Ingeniously Suspended Living Room Bed

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    Hell no.
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    The more I see of this place the more I like it. Definitely not a traditional family apartment but for a single person or a couple this is pretty awesome. Imagine sleeping with the window open on summer nights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    re: the tub and bathroom in the kitchen - that used to be the norm in old european apartments.
    Old farmhouses in Canada too. Our old place had the original tub just off the kitchen and a toilet in another little room next to it. The house was built before plumbing and, when it was added (late 1920s), it was done in a way that was easiest for running the pipes and practical for carrying water. Water would have been heated on the woodstove and you wouldn't want to have to carry it that far in order to fill a tub. Water heaters came later.
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    I'm sure in Elf n Sayfty obsessed UK those Stairs of Doom aren't legal. This place is all very well for the owner who obviously likes it that way but just wait until they try to sell it.

    Most Aussie homes have a separate laundry aka mud room (?) aka utility room where the washer, dryer and other domestic equipment is kept. In older places there's often a WC in there too. Makes sense as there's already plumbing/drains there. It makes sense but it does feel a bit weird at first. Another weird Aussie thing is how few people have locks on the WC door. It can make for some anxious moments.
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    No way! I'd hate sitting underneath the suspended bed and I can fall out of our bed even when we're not having sex so that's a no-no for me. Plus, as others have pointed out, where am I going to stash my bedtime books and phone? The bath in the kitchen also wouldn't work for us. I don't want to be trying to make a sandwich while the OH is there having one of his hour long soaks with the latest Private Eye and making his own jacuzzi effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by effie2 View Post
    I need a side table at all times,maybe they could fix it somewhat differently and more practical.Bathroom and toilet are clearly an addition,and the stairs are a big no no.What really grosses me out are the shoes next to the dining table.
    Overall ,an unusual place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    lol it's not the most practical but i love it. i would make the sides of the bed go up higher to prevent falling off though. other than that it's pretty awesome.

    re: the tub and bathroom in the kitchen - that used to be the norm in old european apartments. this looks like a pretty old house and i guess they kept the old layout. i don't mind the tub in there. the toilet i wish were further away but i've been in apartments that had this and it's not too bad, you get used to it. and there's a little window in the bathroom, that's key.
    Yes, I've seen very old un-"restored" apartments like that in SF and Oakland. I almost moved into one in Oakland in the late '80s. It had a purple clawfoot tub! I've also seen them in old movies. There was one, set in NYC I think WCG, I don't remember the title but it was William Bendix's place. He had put a board on the tub and was ironing his pants. Later he served dinner on it and sat right down.

    And I had a studio flat in Oakland once, in a converted tile factory. Amazing, versatile space. Someone had built a sleeping loft because the ceiling was so high. The railing wasn't that high...

    Thing is though, the loft was bigger and placed against a wall, so there was room on each side for a lamp, books, etc. And you didn't have to be sleeping right near the edge. Best of all, you didn't have to negotiate a Staircase of Doom in the middle of the night. Instead there was a sturdy, inclined ladder with wide, flat rungs. MUCH better, you hold on with your hands and don't have to worry about losing your balance.

    I would like this place a lot better if their sleeping loft incorporated that kind of common sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by olivia View Post
    So there are retractable glass panels over the bed? That's pretty theory.
    Until they leak.
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