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Thread: Laundry styles around the world

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    Thanks you guys! I ran it through again by itself and added a scoop of oxy clean (I think it's just expensive baking soda) and it smells fresh and thankfully not like rotting animal. I have no clue where the hell that funk came from. It didn't smell before the wash. I did a load of towels before, they don't smell. It was so gross and weird!

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    That happened to me with a pair of fleece pajamas. I washed them, hung them to dry and when I came home the whole house stank. It was so bad I just threw them away. And I had washed them before as well. I didn't try re-washing them because they were just cheap ones that I didn't like very much anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fgg View Post
    ^i'm not a total idiot but i need put it in the drum with your clothes before you start the wash? you put it in with colors and whites? it doesn't gunk up your washer?
    Not an idiot! Yes, for front loaders, you put it in the drum before the clothes. It doesn't matter if it's colors, whites, etc. It just takes the smells out and brightens things a bit. I'm telling you, it's a secret weapon! It doesn't harm the washer but it takes that very typical moldy odor out of front loaders.

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    thanks! i'm going to get a big tub of it next time i'm at the grocery store.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    this should probably go in the newest purchases thread but it seems more appropriate here. behold, my new clothes drying rack:

    well, not yet. it's shipped and i haven't gotten it yet. i saw it at a friend's house about a month ago and almost stole hers. i don't put my clothes in the dryer and live in an apartment so usually everything ends up hanging all over the apartment because it's really, really hard to find a decent drying rack. i looked in a bunch of stores and found a shitty one that i fill really quickly and then end up with laundry drying everywhere. i love that this one is massive and most of all i love that it has a rack for hangers on top because all my shirts and dresses have to dry on hangers.
    Quote Originally Posted by fgg View Post
    ^i just bought that at costco two weeks ago! i get so much more laundry done at once because i hang dry most of my tops and now i can do about 20 things at once instead of the 6 or so on my old drying rack.
    I just got this today at Costco! I'm so excited to do laundry tomorrow. I hang my jeans, a lot of my SO's shirts and some of the kidlet's dresses.
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