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Thread: Inside Jesse James's Nearly $7 Million Home for Sale

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    I hate those stupid fake grottos in pools. They're so tacky.

    And is it me or does the floor look like bad fake wood flooring? Don't know why they wouldn't do real hardwood. Another tell-tale McMansion detail is those stupid columns in the kitchen. Serve no purpose, are obviously fake, distracting and ruin the whole flow of a room for me. Also, I hate the tiles in the kitchen and dining area.

    I like the kitchen otherwise, it's big enough for lots of people to be in there.

    About the white couches, and the rest of the Golden Girls decor everyone hates, I think it's likely staging by the real estate company, not Sandy's own "style" being showcased here.

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    Pretty on the outside

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalique View Post
    The interior looks like a rejected set from the Golden Girls.
    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Also, is that waterfall photoshopped in?
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