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Thread: I need some remodeling advice!

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    no fucking fluorescent lighting ANYWHERE. It's heinous.

    Halogen all the way, baby.
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    I would definitely ditch the dining room in favour of a larger, updated kitchen.

    IMO, if you have a tub in another bathroom I would go for a luxury shower in the master bath. My house only has one bathroom period, with no tub, just a shower. It's not even a very impressive shower, yet no potential buyer or tenant (we had it on the market for a while and now have it rented) ever mentioned it. Of course, they didn't buy the house either, and it took a while to get it rented (this time)... but I think if you do have another bathtub in the place then you should have absolutely no worries there. One bathtub plus a kickass shower in a separate bath? Who's going to scoff at that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake View Post
    We are home builders, and we designed our own.
    Open floor plans over dining rooms are the more popular, there are those that still opt for a formal dining room but its not a deal breaker for resale in most areas.
    . A spa tub and seperate shower is the way to go if possible. People are looking for bathrooms that are more of a retreat., double sink, water room, seperate shower are pluses for resale. If you dont have the room a tub in another bathroom would be a must.
    Glass tiles for backsplashes are hot right now. We went with earth tones and earth tone granite which is what most are looking for. Stainless is huge b ut yes, very messy. Gas stoves and double ovens are popular. Large counter bar area is a plus. Pull out drawers in your seperate pantry area, big selling point. Lighting is REALLY important, crucial in all rooms.
    I understand having a designer but the expense is high, the contractor should have the ablility to give you many options and draw up the plans and make changes if nessesary...
    that is great advice!

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