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Thread: A home just north of LA

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    I love the bathroom tiles, but otherwise it looks like they got everything from Target.

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    Aside from some of the furniture/colors/decorative shit, I really like it. The blue is a bit much in the bathroom, but I love the spaces and I really love that kitchen. I would like to see more of it though, and maybe some outside views..what if the outside of the place looks like a shithole or is next to a nuclear reactor or something?
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    That's a hawt bathroom

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    the salad bowl


    i do like the style of the with just that pony wall, separating it from the sink area.

    overall, i completely agree with sput's comment. it's booooooring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Well, except for all the white and the beige, I'd be down for this. Does it say where north of L.A.? Canyon Country?

    I love the wood floors, the built-in shelves in the living room, the blue color in the bathroom, the huge shower. I would've chosen different, more interesting tiles though.
    I guess it could be anywhere from Calabasas to Simi depending on where you take your start point from... but.... they have chickens, so they've got some garden (so I'd go for Simi/Chatsworth/Ventura....).

    I love those bathroom tiles, no nec the shape the but the colour and the shine & the way they reflect the light!.
    I like the colour of the kitchen cabinates and didn't really like or dislike the rest, it was kind of generic to me....
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