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Thread: Has your home ever been robbed?

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    Once I was watching a movie in our living room and my husband was laying next to me sleeping. He usually parks in the garage, but that evening he parked outside for only a few hours. Some people broke into his car, stole his radio and cds, then used the garage opener to open the garage and steal $500 worth of his work tools.

    They left the garage door open and my husband woke up and was upset with me for leaving the garage door open. I told him I didn't forget to close it and he needed to check his car for his opener, sure enough, we were robbed.

    We were so happy they didn't come in the house or steal my car in the garage, because the door going into the garage was unlocked and my car had the keys in it.

    Insurance covered everything and nothing has happened since.

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    When I was living in Miami Beach, alone, someone broke into my apartment while I was sleeping and stole a jar of change that I used for laundry. They also went through my purse and stole my cigarettes (back when I smoked). I figured out it was my neighbor, just because they were acting so strange. Even the police thought it was my neighbor, but they didn't have any evidence to do anything.

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    No thank god. But there have been a string of robberies in my neighborhood lately so i'm a bit worried. Just have to always remember to lock the doors and always have the security system on.

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    If anyone tried to break into our place the dogs would make enough noise to raise the dead so there's no way we'd sleep through it. Hopefully it would scare Burglar Bill off too.

    A cop once told me that if you think there's someone prowling in or around the house turn on a light and go to flush the toilet. The bad guy will think you've just woken up to use the bathroom rather than heard him and once he knows you are awake he'll probably run off. I think I'd be too scared to move but hopefully I'll never be put to the test.
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    Nope. Luckily, I live in an area with a very low crime rate. My grandpa sleeps with his doors unlocked. There are quite a few car break-ins, though. Mostly near malls and near hiking trails.
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