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Thread: A Georgian Manor House in County Laois, Ireland

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    I'd love big, cozy old kitchen with a couple of comfy armchairs by the warm Aga but the climate here makes an Aga redundant. Happy memories of my granny's big Yorkshire kitchen where there was always something baking in the Aga.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    I did wonder for a moment if it was DDL's because of that.
    I didn't even think of that! I wonder who does own it.....

    I agree with you about Georgian architecture, I was predisposed to liking this from the thread title, but whoever has owned this didn't totally gut the place which was a nice surprise.
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    Give me the keys I'll take it! The dog too!

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    I like it. I'm not crazy about the dark green walls, though.

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    It's spacious and well-appointed without losing any coziness. I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I think the main thing I really wanted to change was the movie poster collage in the red room.
    Ha! Me too! I have my own film posters which I prefer. Never been much of a DDL fan.

    I absolutely love this, only wish we could've seen the rest of the kitchen well. I even like most of the funky old furniture, because it all looks comfortable and unpretentious.

    Agree with Faithanne that the doggy must be included.
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