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Thread: Fall House in Big Sur, California

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    i seriously doubt that.
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    Just another side note, the roof line, especially from the interior, is very troubling to me. It's doesn't seem like a stable house or roofline with the way it kind of meanders down with no clear transitions. It seems like its just be haphazardly pieced together, which I know is not the case.

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    Oh my god I think I had an orgasm this is gorgeous !
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    Well, actually, houses slip off CA's crumbling coastlines every year. It doesn't help that we can have these sudden devastating periods of heavy rain after unusually dry spells...lots of hillsides slide south at such times.

    I know this house, unlike many, was specifically built to provide extra protection against such issues, but uh, twelve feet*? Make it forty feet and I might feel more comfortable. Like living in a brick house on the San Andreas fault, living in this lovely pad would just make me too edgy. Nice for a weekend, though.

    *A stretch of coastal cliffs in Pacifica has lost way more feet than that in the last several years. One woman lost ten feet off her property in one year and her house was approaching oblivion in 2011--I dunno how it is now, probably worse. (Another Pacifica property threatened by bluff erosion - San Jose Mercury News). Multiple buildings have been condemned. I know that's a very bad stretch and it's not all like that, but still!
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