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Thread: Deco and glamour

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    Love the white sofa and agree with Grimm's item removal. I really like the walls around the sink idea. I have big problems with seeing dirty dishes. The area rugs are a little 'postage-stampy', but I always complain about that. Those kinds of pieces can be found at

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    ugh, i want to jump on the sofas with shoes on & run dirty hands along the white walls. this place is too freaking pretentious for me.

    but, i do like that green subway tile & corresponding wallpaper in the bathroom.
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    Not bad, I like it better than the all white house. That said, his taste in art is dreadful.
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    Near perfection, but I'd change some of the things already mentioned (plates, kitchen, art...oh, and the green bath, for sure).

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    ummm, i like it.

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