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Thread: Before & after: Kitchen floor

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    It was beautiful before!

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    I have a 1950's house which has oak floors throughout the main level (except kitchen and bathroom) but the former owners had refinished them (badly) so I had to get a pro in here to fix them. The result was beautiful, but from what I remember, it cost a couple grand.

    I looked at the woman's blog and she said the kitchen floor was in horrible shape and a portion of it had been chewed up by her dog. So, for $50, she painted it. It wouldn't be my first choice, but if I didn't have the money to replace them, I might consider it. Wood floors aren't really all that practical in a kitchen anyway.
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    Terrible idea. Even if it were a beautiful color - which, it ain't! High traffic area, that paint will be wearing away within weeks. Stupid shit, right there.
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