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Thread: Before and after: A country kitchen lightens up

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    also, i don't agree that they lost that many cabinets - if you notice, there is a dish rack thing to the right of the sink (basically cabinets without doors), and the same cabinets there were before to the left, it seems they only lost the cabinets above the stove, which makes sense since those always end up with cooking grease stuck to the bottom.
    okay, you're right. maybe i should have looked more closely the first time. i hadn't noticed the dish rack. i see they also have cabinets above the fridge & there are drawers in that island.

    they certainly have way more work space now than before.

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    I don't like the before, but I hate the after - I HATE curtains below the sink, they are a dirt trap!
    I hate the pan-hanger - it'll get just as greasy as the bottom of those cupboards they've done away with...

    The only thing I like is the colour of the aga - even if its a totally impractical mini one!
    Free Charmed.

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    I don't like it (even though it's WAY better than the before). With all the stuff that's in it, it makes the kitchen look too small and cluttered. Plus, I know I would crash some body part into that sink on a daily basis.

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