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Thread: An arts and crafts house in Kansas City

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    i like it. well except for the location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    i like it. well except for the location.
    this, but i'm bringing my own furniture. theirs sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brah View Post
    I love the extrerior and the porch, but I'm really not digging the arch in the kitchen. It's not decorated that great, but the inside's very workable.
    Is that arch original, I wonder? Maybe it was originally between the kitchen and a breakfast nook. I have one like that between my dining and living rooms, and actually, another used to divide the living room across the front of the house. But it was blocked off so a door could be put in to create a small bedroom. :-/. My house is technically Arts and Crafts era (around World War I) but it's just a little bungalow built by a shoemaker with no money. Which reminds me, this house should have built-ins--where are they? There's also not nearly as much nice woodwork as was common in houses of that era. I'm smelling some crappy past remodels.

    The furniture is a total mishmash. Some of it is lovely. Some is junk. And they'd better watch putting a tablecloth on the radiator, lol. WTF. Those things get HOT.
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