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Thread: Any ideas for an Irish bedroom?

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    My daughter described it as surreal and not something normal people would do, it was porn not just naked folk. Mini refrigerator magnet frames with porn, 5x7 in frames next to the kids pictures, lining the inside of closet doors, 8 or so dildos on their dresser. Random through out the house. I felt bad for the friend, imagine when she was younger wanting friends over. My daughter was around 19 when she met her and came home laughing about it. We would see the mom out walking collecting pop bottles miles from home. The friend is studying photography and just got a grant or scholarship to study at a uni in the south. She turned out ok...far as we know.

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    ^^ OMG! That poor child had to have friends over to that place? I would love to see pictures of this one!
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