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Thread: Trojan house - Melbourne

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    Default Trojan house - Melbourne

    Tuesday, 24 March 2009

    From the street, this Edwardian house might seem unassuming, undeserving of a second glance. From the back, however, the addition to the Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows, where three children’s bedrooms are cantilevered above a large living space, is anything but ordinary.

    The entire addition is wrapped in a seamless timber skin that conceals any obvious openings. Windows, covered by shutters that follow the pattern of the façade, reveal nothing of the interior space.

    Incidentally the inside is just as remarkable as the outside. A thermal chimney and a breezeway corridor allow for passive cooling in the warmer months as each room was designed to allow for cross ventilation. Additionally a rain screen provides extra shade from the hot summer sun, and also insulates the inside in the winter by forming a space for warm air. - Andrew J Wiener

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    I think Melbourne can be a creative city, people take risks - some-times they pay off some-times they are just weird and some-times it looks like crap.

    this one is weird.

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    I have looked at at least one house that feels like a ship, and this reminds me of it.

    Would need to see more interior pictures to make a decision as to whether it's awful. But my first impression is no, thanks.
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    From the street, this Edwardian house might seem unassuming
    This happens a lot in Melbourne. The front facade will be a classic early 20th century Edwardian heritage listed weatherboard house but the rear is a super modern extension.

    Eidt: looking closer that's yet another computer generated design. I'd be interested to see the real thing and where it is.
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    That is spectacular.

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    Couldnt deal with the long narrow kitchen and the odd outside.
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    i really like the design. i'm curious to see what it looks like when it's done as well.
    the long narrow kitchen (reminds me of a train) would bother me more if it didn't open into the other room, but it's still not the design i would have chosen. i like a kitchen with lots of space.
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    I bet the neighboring house is great for the property value.

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