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Thread: A smart family home on so many levels

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    Default A smart family home on so many levels

    Santa Monica architect Jesse Bornstein solved the dilemma of a sloping lot with a “split-plane” design that uses half-flights of stairs to keep the house free-flowing yet divided into distinct rooms. The result embodies what so many Southern Californians seek: more living space without the McMansion effect; light-filled rooms that feel connected to the outdoors yet still private; and a modern look that comes off as neither cold nor industrial. Here, a look down the open stairwell that serves as the spine of the house.

    A smart family home on so many levels - Bornstein house - Los Angeles Times

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    I'm having a hard time figuring out the floorplan. BUT there's a lot of cool stuff here. Love that bathroom with the tile everywhere. And the sunroom (or is it a poolhouse?).
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    i like it a lot.
    the bedroom would look better if that central commode or whatever it is were made of darker wood, more similar to the floor.
    and i would get rid of the piano. but that's just me. i like listening to the piano, but i just hate the look of pianos in a home so i would never have one in the living room, much less a baby grand.
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    the stairs are gorgeous and i like the dining room. but overall, it looks a little too polished for my taste.

    and i dislike the bedroom a little. that thing in the middle of the floor takes up a lot of space and needs to go.

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    parts of the house are nice, but honestly I am not digging the stairs at all and the metal railings, would much prefer wood.
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    I'm with ya'll hate the stairs but the rest is ok
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    I wonder if that's a real Modigliani? It would be framed I guess.

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    It looks like a store, not a home. Those stairs would give me vertigo. blech.
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