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Thread: A Southern California house follows the contours of its cliffside setting

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    Default A Southern California house follows the contours of its cliffside setting

    For developer Eric Johnson and his wife, Susanne, architects Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner designed a concrete, steel and glass house on an ocean bluff in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Of the exposed nature of the design, Eric Johnson says, “In an office building, you cover up. I wanted to express the structure of the house.”

    Aluminum-framed skylights and a large wall veneered in Altamira stone dominate the entrance hall and main stairwell. The treads, console and floor are made of ipe wood; the ceiling is cypress. “All the materials were thought of as materials that would age and last,” says Radziner.

    The Johnsons “wanted to live outside as much as possible,” Radziner notes. Above: In the living room, a sliding glass door and a window provide a panorama of the Pacific and Catalina island.

    At One with the Land: Homes:

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    It doesn't look very big.
    I don't mind the inside, but i'm not exactly feeling the outside.

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    I want to live in that pool.

    I like the inside more than I thought I would. It's simple, yet comfy.
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    Just the pool..they can keep everything else..
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    Nice views but not crazy about the design.

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    California -> houses on/next/under cliffs and hillsides -> California fault lines
    -> earthquakes/mudslides......... pass.
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    that is one seriously sexy house.
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