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Thread: Architects' Chinatown remodel

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    Default Architects' Chinatown remodel

    Ali Jeevanjee and Poonam Sharma, the husband-and-wife principals of LOC Architects, bought two second-story apartments in Los Angeles’ Chinatown with the intent of creating a livable, light-filled, live-work space. It was a challenge: The one-bedroom units were dark and cramped, with low ceilings and an enclosed kitchen. Plus, the couple had to resist making any architectural changes to the exterior that would have affected the historic charm of the street.

    LOC Architects' Chinatown remodel - Jeevanjee - Los Angeles Times

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    Umm-the bathroom tub/shower with the big window???
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    i love everything about it! that built-in bench/window seat/bookshelf area is so sweet...that's something i've always wanted in a dream house. that bed is a seriously gorgeous piece of furniture. and, all the book & media storage rocks. i like the orangish tile work, too. *swoons*

    re. the bathroom window, those panels look like frosted glass to me.
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    Are those the "before" or "after" pics? LOL

    And that bed, looks sexay but I can tell you from bitter experience that at 3am when you stagger to the bathroom and back you will crack your shins SO hard on the bed base it will make you cry with pain. If you look closely you can probably see the skin strips where they've done it. Also, nailing up lace tablecloths for curtains in the bedroom isn't a good look.
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    agree about the lace curtains but not about the bed. i've had a bed in a similar style for a while now and have yet to injure myself on it - including whilst drunk.
    not like this stupid carved headboard and footboard bed i had for a couple of years when i was younger - i'd wake up with bloody feet and once i even cut my head.

    i like this place. it's modern but has lots of warmth.
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    I actually think the plywood ceilings are kinda cool. I don't think I would do it...but it is a cheap way to bring some character to your ceilings.

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