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Thread: A unique home in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains

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    Default A unique home in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains

    Against the backdrop of Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains, architect Bart Prince conceived a 4,000-square-foot residence for Dan Scherger and Suzanne Kolberg. The approach to the front winds through the indigenous plant life of the one-acre desert site.

    Light penetrates the living room from several angles. Prince even has the flue rising through a skylight. “The fireplace masonry,” he says, “is cantilevered into the space to create a peninsula, allowing the fire to be enjoyed from three sides.”

    High ceilings and clerestories give the guest suite a decidedly open feel. Dominating a curvaceous wall is a New Mexico landscape by Robert Striffolino.

    Instead of a conventional entrance, the house has its front door at the rear elevation, enabling a more rewarding encounter with nature and the architecture. A concrete ramp with an ornamental steel handrail concludes the dramatic procession. The cylindrical forms positioned along the curve of the structure are storage units.

    Light on Its Feet: AD 100 Designers:

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    I don't see any way for that house to get cool enough in the summer.
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    Love that bedroom. Very cool looking house!
    I really want the print hanging in that bedroom too!

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    entirely too much sunshine. but i love it at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    I don't see any way for that house to get cool enough in the summer.
    Yeah, I'm not sure about heating/cooling, given that shape. The issue of air conditioning is all I could really think about looking at these pictures.

    Depending on the elevation the house is at, it might not get so hot. And desert nights in some parts of NM are freezing cold even in the summer, so if it gets cool enough overnight, they can probably manage.
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