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    In 1979, the living room of Allen B. Schwartz, the founder of the A.B.S. clothing line, had carpeted stadium seating, a mammoth TV and neon strips running along the wall. "Big screens had just come in, and the family room," he explained. "People would come over and you'd rent a movie - in 1979 it was cool to rent a movie - I was always a very trendy guy. I just thought it was very cool."

    Rona Landman, a Manhattan decorator, is responsible for the sleek look the room has today. Only a few items from the old apartment were saved, like the two large ceramic cats that flank the fireplace

    The old kitchen, with Mr. Schwartz and his houseman, Guillermo, was a symphony in gray Formica

    Today marble rules. In the living and dining areas, Plexiglass barriers make the spaces feel as one, while an M2L glass dining table and a Brueton sofa add a touch of movie glamour.

    The new bedroom still has a minimal look, but that's where the similarities with the past end

    The mirror over the bed is gone, as is the old TV that swiveled on a base

    The kitchen tile was replaced with marble and the plumbing that was once exposed was hidden

    The bathroom was also updated with marble and a black-and-white theme

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    I think he did pretty good with it all.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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