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Thread: Anders Färdig's design house, Stockholm

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    Default Anders Färdig's design house, Stockholm

    The man who brought modern, Scandinavian design to the world frontier has also brought that unique style to his own 1930s home in Stockholm

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    Again: too.......stark.......white.

    Like I said in another post: there's white, and then there's white.
    This is the harsh, whiter than white, hospital/sanitarium white.
    And then there's warm whites with just a trace/hint of color to
    them, starting with off white, that are still bright and clear, but
    not as cold. I also think there are too few color accents.
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    I'm starting to hate white.
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    i love white.
    it's a nice change after so many years of beige and off-white that just makes walls look dirty.

    but i'm unimpressed by this guy's house. the living room/kitchen is a great space but he hasn't done anything interesting with it. and i usually love black and white. i like the sofa and the dining room table.
    everything else is just a little too ikea catalog.
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    personally, i love the combination of white walls, wooden floors and black accents throughout. but i would add some antique pieces, chuck the plain carpets and change the light fixtures.

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    That is incredibly fug.
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