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Thread: A remodel in Hong Kong

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    Default A remodel in Hong Kong

    Before The living area.

    After Working within the confines of a nondescript existing 3,500-square-foot house on a typically modest Hong Kong lot, Shirley Chang and B. Christopher Bene, of Chang Bene Design, gave their client a new architectural experience—one marked by openness filled with nat-ural light.

    Before The dining area

    After In the new dining area, the architects used red cedar on the floor and created built-in, area-defining shelving made, like their custom-designed dining table, of solid oak. With white walls and natural light pouring in through skylights (its direction is controlled by the red-cedar louvers of the hung ceiling), the grain of the darker-finished woodwork shines.

    Chang and Bene established an open relationship between the dining area and the new eat-in kitchen. The latter’s rear wall was knocked out to give the space views of the pool. Suspended from the dining area ceiling are spherical twig sculptures by Masao Mizukami.

    Before The master suite.

    After The space-maximizing concept for the master suite includes floor-to-ceiling sliding doors between the bedroom and the bath (shown open; their tracks cross the floor behind the headboard). A skylight and low built-in drawers were also added. A Vik Muniz paper collage is at right.

    Before The roof terrace.

    After The roof terrace was given a shady trellis from which to take in the picturesque views of the bay and mountains. Dedon love seat, chair and low table.

    Before The carport.

    After What was the carport is now a double-height living area, one whose appeal as a place for entertaining is further enhanced by the architect’s addition of the adjacent lap pool and deck and terrace areas. The boundary wall features another, untitled work by Mizukami.

    Grand Opening in Hong Kong: Homes:

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    I think it's fabulous. Not what I would choose for myself, but the designers did an amazing job.
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    I like everything except that picnic table looking dining room
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    3,500sqft with a bay view is not "modest" in Hong Kong. The place is worth MILLIONS. It's a bit too early James Bond for my taste and the sitting room looks very Jetsons. I know retro is fashionable at the moment but I think it will date pretty quickly.
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    no, there's not one aspect of this house i like.

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    i like it. don't love it or feel an urge to move in ASAP but i like it a lot.
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    Gorgeous! I could live there (add a bit more color accents here and there )
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    That's a very nice remodel. I really like the bedroom floors.
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    I could so live there! Beautiful.
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    i like the last pic, but i'm not crazy about all of the wood.
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    i love that master bedroom & bath!
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