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Thread: Renewing an 1887 Shingle style manor

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    Default Renewing an 1887 Shingle style manor

    Pudding Hill, an 1887 Shingle Style manor in East Hampton, New York, was restored by Penny Drue Baird.

    Before The oak-paneled entrance hall. Baird stripped and refinished the woodwork and put in a new limestone fireplace.

    After “We kept the furnishings to a minimum,” she says, “to enhance the room’s natural beauty.” Elizabeth Eakins stair runner.

    Before The living room.

    After Baird painted the room white “so it feels comfortable in both winter and summer,” she says. “The mahogany furniture keeps it warm, like an English country house.” The fabrics are from Nobilis. Stark carpet.

    Before Baird converted the sunroom into a family room.

    After “Faded English tea-stained fabric is very pretty in the room,” says the designer, “and practical enough so that kids can watch TV without ruining it.” The sisal rug is from Stark.

    Before Baird had the whitewashed woodwork in the dining room stripped and refinished.

    After She used a green-checked wallcovering and chair fabric, from Chelsea Editions. “Green can be neutral too,” she says. Lee Calicchio dining chairs.

    Before “The master bedroom had blank walls and few architectural details,” she says. She added crown moldings and a chair rail.

    After “Upholstered walls help make the room cozy.” The bedcovering, drapery and tattersall fabrics are from Nobilis.

    East Hampton Restoration Drama: AD 100 Designers:

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    Not really my style at all, but I think they did a nice job, esp keeping true to
    its original form...EXCEPT for the bedroom--ugh!! The ugly hotel lobby carpet
    was a BAD choice.

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    Most of it isn't to my tastes, but the entrance hall is gorgeous.

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    What on earth were the previous people thinking with what they did to the woodwork? That was ghastly.
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    This isn't really my taste, but I dig it!

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    Gorgeous. I love how they remodeled it.

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    The interior is overdone.

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    Not very beach-y for a summer home

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    I have to agree, not really my taste, but gorgeous nonetheless. I'd like to visit.
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    That house is soooo beautiful I'm just in awe. Unfortunately that makes some of the decor look even more criminally tacky.

    The entrance hall...hard to screw that one up. Living room and sunroom, okay, although the big square glass coffee table is utterly horrid. But the dining room?? I grant you the old wallpaper was a bit fussy but I'd take that anyday over PLAID.

    The bedroom is hideous. I liked the sweet blue walls and light, airy feel it had before. Where'd they get that ghastly chandelier, Home Depot? And the one in the entrance hall was so striking! I agree about the hotel rug, too.

    Worst thing anyone did IMO was remove that lovely huge old porch that used to go across the front of the house. Sigh. Porches are awesome. And look at the goofy little thing that's there now!

    It looks like someone majorly built on to the house at some point too, on the left end. Wonder if that's part of the re-do?
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