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    Default Magic mirror

    This is pretty cool, but I think I'd wet myself every time a face appeared in the mirror!
    Hardware: Magic Mirror (M30P)

    The patented “Magic Message Mirror” looks and functions like a decorative wall mirror, but when your home automation/security system senses a change in your environment, “Basil of the Mirror” (a somewhat pompous English Butler personality) magically appears and verbally provides real-time information. The M30P will also theatrically reveal an integrated live camera feed to show the area of interest, if you have cameras incorporated into your home security system, or decide to add them when you install the M30P.

    How the M30P Works:

    The M30P is an audio/visual display system that can mate seamlessly and unobtrusively with your present home automation/security system. The M30P can provide real-time information about people walking up your driveway, entering the yard, standing at your front door, or anything else your current home security system is set to monitor. By adding cameras and sensors to your current home automation/security configuration, virtually any area in or around your home can be revealed within (by) the M30P system.

    The M30P assembly incorporates a mirrored 30” (measured diagonally) LCD display that has been specifically engineered to perform in the portrait mode. The system includes a built-in content “server” and other necessary processing, control and cooling hardware. The messages provided by the M30P are pre-composed audio/video files that are stored in solid state memory on the system server, in a proprietary format. In addition, Themeaddicts has incorporated a chroma activated, live video feed. When specially encoded messages are played, the live camera feed window is theatrically revealed within the M30P.

    As part of the installation process, you must configure your current home automation/security system to send the appropriate serial commands to the M30P. This will tell the M30P server the correct message to play, based upon detected changes in your home environment. When your home automation/security system detects a change in your home environment, your system will communicate with the M30P via an RS-232 signal. A simple, unique serial command string selects and triggers the playing of a specific digitally stored message by the M30P, thereby allowing the M30P to work seamlessly with leading home automation/security systems. If the detected event is covered by a camera feed, the image will appear within the M30P camera feed window. The M30P has one composite video feed, so all camera switching and coordination must be done by your home automation/security system.

    It is important to note that the M30P does not replace the functions of your home security system; it simply provides verbal and visual information that is entertaining and informative.

    Tthe M30P Personality:
    Basil of the Mirror” is a proprietary character, created for use in the M30P by Themeaddicts using professional Hollywood talent and sophisticated Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Basil is designed to be an endearing “personality” via his quips, phrases and notifications; all delivered with the certitude of an English Butler. Themeaddicts writers and designers have invested hundreds of hours to craft each message so that it is fun, entertaining and informative, without becoming annoying.

    Popular M30P Messages:

    A common misconception is that everything in and around your home should be reported by the M30P. Though this is possible, Themeaddicts does not recommend this for the simple reason that the M30P would become tiresome. Though we offer well over 100 messages for the M30P, we have found that eight to twelve (8-12) messages, selected for your particular home environment, are an optimal configuration for providing useful, yet unobtrusive information. With this in mind, the M30P is sold with ten automated responses (of your choosing) pre-loaded into the system. Some of the more popular messages include:

    "Hmmm…most curious... it seems that we have a pedestrian approaching up our driveway”
    "For your information… a motor car has departed"
    "It appears that a pedestrian is exiting out of our driveway"
    "May I inform you that the motor car garage door has just been opened"
    "Pardon me, this is merely a reminder, but the motor car garage door is still not secure"
    “Will someone please greet our guests at the door!”
    "Ahh yes….. it seems the Jacuzzi is now at the selected temperature"
    "Pardon me, but isn't it time to leave for practice"
    "Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened"

    Themeaddicts can also create a unique character for your specific home environment, for an additional fee. Working with our in-house designers, you can develop the type of character that best suites your personality and home dynamics. Themeaddicts will produce the final video, audio clips and program them into your M30P system, giving you the ultimate in personalization. You can even have your character within the Magic Message Mirror refer to your family members by name.

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    I like the things he can say but way too creepy

    "Ahh yes….. it seems the Jacuzzi is now at the selected temperature"

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    I like it in a Snow White sorta way.
    Into the sunrise. The sunset is sad to me….it only means the night is coming.

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    I like it. Haha, the announcements of people arriving/leaving reminded me of an incident when I was in high school. One of our family friends was having a party at his home and he had a thing where you could turn the tv to a certain channel and it would show what was going on at the front door. We had it on so that we could see when people arrived. One woman arrived with her teenager daughter, and we saw on the camera that as they approached the doorstep, before the woman rang the doorbell the daughter SHOVED her and said "I can't BELIEVE you fucking made me come to this." I could tell that the other moms were embarrassed for this woman. When the host greeted them, of course the girl was all cheesy, fake smiles.

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    I like it, but i'm sure it would creep me out a little every time it announced something.

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