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Thread: First flat-pack home is unveiled

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    Default First flat-pack home is unveiled

    Inside the show flat

    The first flat-pack home designed for people on low incomes has been unveiled on Tyneside.

    A two-bedroom show apartment was opened as part of the 93-unit complex near Gateshead International Stadium.
    The timber-framed BoKlok structures will cost up to 149,995 and will only be available to first-time buyers earning between 15,000 and 35,000.
    Six homes are nearing completion with the first residents expected to move in by March.
    The homes will be sold by furniture giant Ikea, with a one-bedroom flat starting at 99,950 and rising to 124,950 for a two-bedroom apartment.
    Houses will start at 132,500 for two beds, and 149,995 buys a three-bedroom home.
    'Viable solution'
    Alan Prole, managing director of Live Smart@Home, said: "For the first time in the UK, people will be able to experience what it could be like living in a BoKlok home.
    "This is a very exciting time for everyone concerned in this development and we are now looking forward to welcoming our first residents."
    Councillor David Napier, Gateshead's housing chief, says: "Opening the show apartment is a major landmark in this much talked-about development.
    "I'm sure I am not alone in being genuinely excited about being able to see what the inside of a BoKlok home actually looks like.
    "What is already clear is that BoKlok seems to offer a new and viable solution to the affordable homes problem." The show home will be open the public from Saturday.

    BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | First flat-pack home is unveiled

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    I bought a bunch of stuff from IKEA for my son's bedroom last month, and I had to assemble it over the course of a few days. It took forever and their instructions sucked ass. That's saying a lot to me because up until about three years ago, every single piece of furniture I've owned I've had to assemble, so I have some serious assembly experience.

    Can't imagine how much I'd want to smash my head with a sledgehammer if I had to try and put together a whole freaking house using their instructions.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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