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Thread: Steal of the day: Anthropologie Crystalline Bathmat

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    Default Steal of the day: Anthropologie Crystalline Bathmat

    Steal of the Day: Anthropologie Crystalline Bathmat

    Considering that a standard, plain white bathmat usually runs around 20 bucks, this Anthropologie Crystalline Bathmat ($19.95) is a great deal. It's hooked on one side and tufted on the other (and claims to be "ultrasoft"), and has a charming green swirling, petal-like design. Along with a feminine shower curtain and some pear-colored perfume bottles, you could usher in a whole new look for your bathroom for under $150.

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    Verry nice-love the perfume bottle idea.
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    I'd like it if it was machine washable.
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    I love that store. I always have to calm myself down when I shop there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetPea View Post
    I'd like it if it was machine washable.
    It's not machine washable??? Who hand washes or dry cleans bathmats?

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