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Thread: $45 Million Castle For Sale in Connecticut

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    I'm in Connecticut, and totally depressed that this beauty is over an hour's drive away from me, it'd be worth trespassing to see. This house is such a perfect representation of what a complex and wealth can make you do. Also a representation of Connecticut... I love driving around and seeing new mammoth houses being built around older, more realistically sized homes. You'll see a 4,000 s/f house being built next to a 1200 one.

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    What an obscene waste of money. Think of how many simple apartments for the homeless this amount could've provided. Idiots.
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    I live in CT too and I don't think it's a representation. Maybe because of where I live, but the big houses around here are old, giant colonials circa the 1700s or younger but still old Victorians .

    There are, of course, neighborhoods of newer houses and one or two might be somewhat gauche but that castle is its own unique level of madness.
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    So much taste and all of it bad.

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    It's like all of the cheese of the Excalibur in Vegas with a heaping dose of malignant mental illness on top.
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    Can i have the two Elephants and the Egyptian Casket please? .. they are awesome..

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