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Thread: ‘Walden’-inspired mountain retreat on 70 acres asks $29M

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    Default ‘Walden’-inspired mountain retreat on 70 acres asks $29M

    The setting is nice. I have to trek through the snow to get to the gym because it's detached? No thank you.

    The sprawling house is hardly a cabin in the woods, but Annabelle Selldorf designed the space to connect to nature
    By Megan Barber@megcbarber Dec 19, 2019, 10:30am EST

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    Courtesy of LIV Sotheby’s International RealtyA Bloomberg article earlier this week discussed the difficulties of selling a “starchitect”-designed home. These pricey properties may come with stunning architecture and a prestigious pedigree, but they can languish on the market thanks to high prices and the perceived value of “uniqueness.”
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    In Curbed’s House of the Day column, we’ve covered many of these starchitect homes, including Steven Holl’s Y-house and Rafael Vinoly’s modernist gem in Connecticut. But one gorgeous home we haven’t reported on is this seven-bedroom, eight-and-a-half bath home in Colorado designed by famed architect Annabelle Selldorf.
    Initially listed for sale in 2015 for $33 million, the property is still for sale with an asking price of $29 million. But the home’s time on market belies its attributes. Completed in 2009, the house was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden—the structure sits adjacent to a pond and is surrounded by National Forest land with views of the Gore and New York Mountain ranges. The exterior is clad in locally sourced beetle-kill pine, copper shingles, and Anasazi silver stone.
    Still, at 10,515-square-feet this is hardly a cabin in the woods. But Selldorf designed the home’s spaces to still feel intimate and surrounded by nature. All of the home’s rooms are on the same level except for a three-bedroom tower on the east end. Inside, floor-to-ceiling glass is meant to create a sensation of floating on water above the pond, and a greenery-filled central courtyard is visible from almost every room.
    Other perks include a detached gym, outdoor pool, boat dock, and over 70 acres of land. Despite all of this privacy, the small town of Edwards is seven minutes away and skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek is 20 minutes away. Interested? 705 Whiskey Ridge is on the market now for $29 million.

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    Maybe okay for a night or two retreat, but I really don't like it. I can appreciate it's good parts, but it just doesn't click for me.
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    I like the windows allowing all of that beauty into the house but the structure itself sticks out like a sore thumb in that setting. Almost a corporate building look in the middle of the mountains.
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    The window are great for the gorgeous views but unless they are tinted, I would want drapes or blinds to close at night. I don't care if it is out in the middle of nowhere, don't like the idea of someone (or some predatory mountain lion or other beast) being able to see inside at night.
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    $29 mil? Good luck with that.
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    Exactly the vibe Thoreau was going for!

    Now that I've gotten the English lit nerd response out of my system, the three-story part looks like a strip mall doctor's office built in the late 60s/early 70s. You know, back when strip malls had multiple floors and stairs for no great reason. I mean, I like that they tried to conserve space, but it wasn't keeping wheelchairs, etc. in mind. The rest of the outside looks a little bleak to me, but I appreciate the big windows and views except that I have to have curtains or shades because I just can't live like that. I don't hate it. If that gym had a pool, I would trek through ten feet of snow and a thousand blizzards to get to it.

    Also, I'm tired and only skimmed through the article and the quotations in the thread title went right over my head and I thought...I don't remember New York or Massachusetts looking like this. Because obviously they don't.

    But anyway, in the Lori Loughlin house thread, I said I wouldn't spend $28 million on a house where I could see my neighbors (or a golf course), so I guess in that respect this would be great for me.

    Also, RIP Cookie Monster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    Also, RIP Cookie Monster.
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    70 acres would be awesome. I would take this ugly house away and build a beautiful warm family friendly lake house in it's place.

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    the land is amazing but i don't like the design of the house itself. and i like annabelle selldorf's designs for museums and galleries, she's done some amazing spaces like the david zwirner gallery in new york and her firm is also doing the new frick collection expansion, but i'm less impressed with her residential buildings. i'd never seen any houses before until this one and i'm not impressed either.
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    Who picks up their trash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Who picks up their trash?
    When I lived in a very rural setting, we had to either drive our trash to the dump or pay someone to do it for us.
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